New details emerge in baseball bat beating

By Tanya Cronin
June 21, 2016 - 10:48am Updated: June 21, 2016 - 7:43pm

KAMLOOPS — More details are emerging about the man charged with attempted murder, following a severe beating with a baseball bat in Brocklehurst over the weekend. 

39 year old Kristopher Teichrieb, a local contractor and father of three, is accused of attacking 19 year old Jessie Simpson early Sunday morning. 

Simpson remains in grave condition, on life-support in hospital. It's still not clear what happened, to lead to such a violent incident.

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"It's quite sad right now."

A bright smile, big blue eyes, and a sense of humour. It's what Christina Forde will always remember about her neighbour's son Jessie, now clinging to life.  

"He's happy, cheerful, always cracking a joke, always doing something to make you laugh and to lighten the mood," says Forde.

19 year old Jessie Simpson remains in grave condition at Royal Inland Hospital, following a severe attack over the weekend. 

39 year old Kristopher Teichrieb now charged with attempted murder. 

"I didn't believe it until I actually saw his mom and then it was real, I couldn't believe somebody could do that to him, Jessie's never had a mean bone in his body, he's never been a fight, never been in an altercation."

It happened just before 5am Sunday morning, Teichrieb noticed Jessie on the driveway of his North Shore home. Neighbours say he chased the teen off his property and allegedly beat him with a baseball bat at the corner of Clifford Avenue and Holt Street.  

Teichrieb is a father of three and a contractor, the owner of Kamloops Concrete Repair. Neither he or Jessie have a criminal record, and aren't known to each other. 

Residents in the area say he has had several break-ins to his home and vehicle recently. So far, police have not determined what Jessie was doing on the homeowner's property. Investigators are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

"We're just asking now if anybody saw or heard anything to give us a call, as well, we would like to know the movements of the victim, so anybody who was with him that evening, early in the evening or during the night, if they could give us a call and just let us know where they saw him and what time, that would greatly aid us as well," says Cpl. Jodi Shelkie of Kamloops RCMP.

Comments on a Go-Fund-Me page indicate doctors have declared Jessie brain dead, and the family is grappling with a decision to take him off life-support. If that happens, Police say the charge of attempted murder against Kristopher Teichrieb, may be amended.

"If the victim doesn't make it, our Major Crimes Unit will be speaking with Crown Counsel to see if the charges will be upgraded from attempted murder to murder."

Christina Forde says Jessie had just graduated high school and was attending a graduation party before the violent incident. She says he didn't deserve what happened, and will remain forever in the hearts of so many. 

"Forever I'll look down the driveway and see him playing on his bike and hanging out with the girls, I'll hear his voice and see his smile, he'll forever be there," says Forde.

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