Power problem leads to osprey nest relocation

By Chad Harris
June 8, 2016 - 3:48pm

SALMON ARM, B.C. — BC Hydro crews have found a solution to an ongoing power problem that has affected the city of Salmon Arm over the last few weeks.

On Friday, June 3, workers carefully lifted two, 40-kilogram osprey nests to new locations, away from the dangerous high voltage power lines.

According to Arne Langston, Natural Resource Specialist with BC Hydro, crews spent about a month monitoring the nests, preparing them for the move.

Normally, BC Hydro workers would wait until the fall or winter to relocate nests, when they are unoccupied, but due to the ongoing outages the nests were causing action was required immediately.

Ospreys are a protected species in the province of British Columbia. 

WATCH BELOW: Video provided by BC Hydro

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