Alexa's bus stops 2000 drivers in Kamloops

By James Peters
April 18, 2016 - 11:23am

KAMLOOPS — Alexa's Bus was busy on the weekend.

Kamloops RCMP traffic members employed the mobile processing unit as part of several Counter Attack checkstops.

Corporal Jodi Shelkie says those stops resulted in five 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions issued, along with four 24-hour driving suspensions for drug impairment.

Shelkie says that's a good snapshot of what is typically found on the roads.

"With 2000 vehicles stopped, this is indicative of what you would find. So that is why it's really important that Alexa's Bus, when it comes into a city, it's not just there for operational needs, but as well for driving awareness, and impaired driving awareness," said Shelkie. 

The checkstops also netted five separate drug seizures and resulted in officers issuing 24 other violation tickets.

Stats provided by Kamloops RCMP

  • 16 – Roadside Breath Tests
  •  5 – 90 Day IRPs (Immediate Roadside Prohibition)
  •  4 – 24 hour Driving Suspensions for drugs
  •  5 – Drug seizures
  • 24 – Violation Tickets
  •  3 – Notice and Orders

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