RIH gets new ultrasound room

By Adam Donnelly
April 15, 2016 - 5:48pm Updated: April 15, 2016 - 7:28pm

KAMLOOPS — With a snip of the scissors, the newest space in Royal Inland Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Department was officially opened this morning. According to Kim Perris, Diagnostic Imaging Director for Interior Health-West, it’s a big upgrade for the space.

“This room, before, actually was a storage room,” Perris told CFJC Today. “We didn’t have the funds to develop it into what it is today.”

Thanks to a generous donation from the McMillan Family, the RIH Foundation was able to transform the space from a storage room, to this big, bright ultrasound procedure room.

This renovated room is going to provide a much needed workspace for doctors and nurses in the Diagnostic Imaging department to do a variety of ultrasound guided procedures.

“Right now, we’re doing biopsies of the thyroid gland, breast, prostate, and we do specialized cardiac ultrasound in this room, as well,” Dr. Vipal Vedd said.

Dr. Vedd is the Chief Radiologist of Diagnostic Imaging at RIH. He says this improved space will allow him, and his staff, to stretch their legs a little. “The space in the room allows for a comfortable workspace for the personnel,” said Dr. Vedd. “Often, we’ve got an ultrasound tech, a physician, sometimes a nurse… So, to have all those people be able to work in there together, it’s nice to have the bigger space.”

Along with the new improved workspace, the RIH Foundation was able to provide the hospital with brand new ultrasound machines, which allow medical professionals a different view of patient’s hearts.

“From time to time, we’re required to do a special cardiac test called a transesophageal echocardiogram…” Dr. Vedd explained. “That’s an invasive procedure that requires sedation, a nurse, monitoring equipment, an untrasoun tech, and a radiologist. So, to have a space like this to do that type of procedure is fantastic.”

The new space, combined with the state of the art equipment will have a twofold effect on the level of care provided it RIH.  

According to Dr. Vedd: “The overall benefit is just an improved working environment for doctors, nurses, technicians. Overall, it’s going to ultimately benefit and improve patient care.”

All thanks to one family who were able to give back.

“I just want to say a big than you to the McMillan family,” said Kim Perris. “Without them, this would have never become a reality. They’ve made a difference to many, many patients”

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