Sun Peaks wraps record-breaking season with Slush Cup

By Adam Donnelly
April 12, 2016 - 5:27pm Updated: April 12, 2016 - 7:00pm

SUN PEAKS — Another winter season is in the books for Sun Peaks Resort. Sunday was the final day of skiing on the slopes of the mountain resort, but there was one final celebration of the season which was The Slush Cup took place this past weekend. It’s a chance to reflect on the season which was, as well as look ahead to what the resort has to offer in the summer months.

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Despite it being the last day of the ski season at Sun Peaks, spirits are high on the mountain; why shouldn’t they be? it’s been a record breaking season for the resort, according to Sun Peaks Resort Director of Sales and Marketing, Aiden Kelly.

“[It’s been] our best on record, actually,” Kelly told CFJC Today, on Sunday at the event. “For the first time ever Sun Peaks cracked 350,000 skier visits this season, so that’s a big plateau for us.”

One reason more people than ever rode the slopes at Sun Peaks was the great conditions the mountain experienced throughout the season. “We had really good, strong, consistent snowfall,” said Kelly. “right from mid-November, right until even last week, we had great snowfall throughout the year. That meant there were a ton of fantastic skiing days.”

Sunday was the final day Sun Peaks was open to the public, and like every year, the Slush Cup is help to celebrate the season which was. Skiers try and gather as much speed as they can down a short course, before attempting to use their momentum to glide across a pool of frigid water.

“It’s a bit of a tradition to get dressed up wild and crazy, and try and make it across the pond,” said Kelly. Despite that enthusiasm, Kelly said it’s an elite few who make it all the way across. “When everyone is dropping in up top, they think they’re going to make it, but once they get off that launch pad, they’re few and far between, the folks that actually make it to the far side.”

There were plenty of creative costumes, but when it came to their runs down the slush cup course, some competitors had better results than others.

All in all, it was a great finish to the winter season, which means Sun Peaks is gearing up for summer, by offering extended hours on their chairlifts during the summer months.


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