Westsyde residents happy with pool plans

By CFJC Today
April 6, 2016 - 12:18pm Updated: April 6, 2016 - 5:54pm

KAMLOOPS —  Residents in Westsyde and Brocklehurst are celebrating after learning their opposition to the closure of the neighborhood pools did not go unheard. 

City Council has voted to keep both pools open and spend approximately 3 million to repair Westsyde, and 2 hundred thousand on the Brock facility.

The city has not yet set out a timeline for when repairs will begin, but many say even with the hefty price tag it was the right decision.

"It's been our only recreational facility in the last 40 years," said the President of the Westsyde Community Development Society, Steve Delaney."It satisfies a big need in the community right now, I know after the public meetings that they had, there was four of them, and I think we had about 600 people come to the meetings, and I don't think any of them said that they wanted to close down their neighborhood pool."

Residents from both communities say they are pleased with the response from the city.

"I really appreciate that they listened and they heard and they came away with the sentiment that i think was given at the meetings," said Tara Garrioch, from the Brocklehurst Community Association. "It's a very safe feeling, and it's a family environment where you feel safe sending your kids. It's really great that our kids are going to be able to continue to use these neighborhood pools."

Now, the challenge will be to prove to the city that keeping the facility was the right thing to do and that people will use them, says Delaney.

"Use it or lose it. We can't just squawk because something is being taken away and then not use it."

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