Seedy Saturday returns to Kamloops

By Adam Donnelly
March 21, 2016 - 12:25pm Updated: March 21, 2016 - 5:06pm

KAMLOOPS — Despite the cool, cloudy weather, yesterday was the first official full day of Spring.

It won't be long before area residents will be planting gardens reaping the bounty of fresh vegetables for the Summer.

This weekend the Kamloops Regional Farmers Market held it's annual Seedy Saturday event, a chance for gardeners to exchange ideas, pick out seeds, and seek out advice from other growers in the region.

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It was a big day for gardeners new and old, as Seedy Saturday took place at the OLPH Parish Centre, over the weekend. The event was a chance to pick up some seeds, and pick the brains of some experienced growers. “People ask questions, and people that grow the plants are here to answer questions, so it’s turning out really well,” said event coordinator Daniela Basile.

Daniela, and her partner Ed, run SSOL Gardens, which stands for Seasonal, Sustainable, Organic, and Local. They also helped organize the Seedy Saturday event. According to Daniela, there has been cooperation between different groups which has helped resurrect Seedy Saturday in Kamloops, after the event was interrupted for a few years.

“We’ve got people working together,” Basile told CFJC Today. She added “[We have] different groups helping each other, and I think because we’re sharing the load, it’s not one person worrying about everybody.”

Ed Basile says he’s seen the culture around gardening change in recent years, thanks to the focus on food. “It’s not a garden until it’s eaten,” Basile said, “A garden is complete when somebody puts whatever is grown in the garden into their mouth.”

He believes once people start gardening, and producing their own food, they’ll be hooked: “When you realize these plants are so beautiful, you want to be with them. Simple.”

With Seedy Saturday in the books, the Farmers Market is just around the corner; the first market of the season will be on April 23rd, 2016.

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