Victim of longboard attack not receiving medical coverage

By James Peters
March 9, 2016 - 12:05pm

MACKENZIE, B.C. — A man who was attacked by a teen with a longboard three years ago in Brocklehurst says the province's Crime Victim Assistance Program is failing him.

Michael Forry, who now lives in Makenzie, was left with a permanent brain injury after the March 2013 attack outside the Brock 7-11 store.

He says the program is not covering his expenses, especially drugs that prevent him from having continual seizures.

NDP Justice Critic Mike Farnworth says that's not acceptable.

"There is no way this individual should be suffering for lack of medication, or being stuck with medication bills, because an attack by some individual that has left him terribly injured," said Farnworth.

Meantime, Forry says the teen who attacked him refuses to leave him alone, sending him messages on social media.

"How he watched my eyes drive back into my head, and the blood rolling out of me, and he couldn't wait to piss on my grave. This is what you are paying for," said Forry.

Public Safety Minister Mike Morris pledges the victim service program will reach out and offer assistance to Forry.

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