Transportation Safety Board investigates grounded barges in Victoria

By The Canadian Press
March 4, 2016 - 1:48pm

VICTORIA — The Transportation Safety Board has deployed investigators to examine two barges that ran aground along Victoria’s waterfront.

The barges were grounded earlier this week when cables attaching them to a tug snapped in high winds.

Board spokeswoman Rox-Anne D’Aoust says one barge that was loaded with a crane has been towed to shore and the other is grounded in a remote location.

She says the two investigators will interview the owners and crew of the barges and gather information about the weather and sea conditions before the vessels ran aground.

Investigators will also try to determine if there was any communication with marine traffic services and examine the vessels’ maintenance records.

The barge that remains grounded is carrying construction material and debris from work on the Coho Ferry dock in Victoria’s inner harbour.

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