Kamloops Film Festival Information

By Adam Donnelly
March 1, 2016 - 5:03pm Updated: March 3, 2016 - 8:27pm

KAMLOOPS — This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Kamloops Film Festival, which kicks off this Thursday. To celebrate the milestone, organizers are showcasing 20 of the best movies of the past year. Everything from comedies, to thrillers, to dramas and horror. There's something in this year's festival for everyone.

WATCH: Summary of the Kamloops Film Festival

With the Oscars in the bag, the red carpet is being flown north. The stars of Tinseltown will descend upon Kamloops for the 20th edition of the Kamloops Film Festival, which is set to begin March 3rd, at the Paramount Theatre. “Really, seeing how the audience reacts [to] all the new things we put in,” is what excites Dusan Magdolen, KFF Committee Chair.



So maybe the Hollywood A-lister’s won’t be flocking to our fine city, but there’ll be plenty of choices for the Cinephile’s out there. “Our opening film is always a big hit, but this year, because it’s Haida Gwaii: [the Edge of the World], people recognize the name, and want to see this documentary,” Magdolen said, when asked about the films at this years festival.

There’s plenty of choice; even fans of Horror flicks have an option. Darkfest will feature some scary movies, but don’t expect to see Film Fest Committee member Alicia Ashcroft there. “I probably might skip Darkfest,” Ashcroft joked. “That’s a little scary for me.”

Ashcroft is excited for the new events the committee has put together for this year. “We’re expanding,” she said. “We’re doing a Brewing Discussion at Red Collar, and we’ll also be doing a Wining Discussion at Blue. I think that’s going to be a lot of fun, so there’s lots to do beyond going to see the movie.”

The festival has steadily grown. Last year saw a total attendance of 4200 to the festival’s films, surpassing the previous year’s totals of 3600. The committee is hopeful this year sets another record for attendance.

You can buy individual tickets at the Paramount Theatre, the TRUSU Desk, or at MovieMart. Festival passes are available online; check out www.kamloopsfilmfest.ca/tickets for more information


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