Variable speed signs to be activated soon on the Coquihalla

By Chad Harris
January 23, 2016 - 7:00am

KAMLOOPS — Variable speed limit signs are set to be up and running on the Coquihalla Highway by this March.

Some signs are installed, but others have yet to be put up.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone says sensors will cause the signs to change based on road conditions.

"Based on weather changes and traffic volumes and so forth we will be able to change, reduce the speed on the 13 electronic signs that we will have in the corridor very, very quickly to a more appropriate speed based on the conditions that exists at the time," said Stone.

The initiative was first announced the two years ago.

The signs will also be operational on the Trans Canada Highway in the Revelstoke area, and the Sea to Sky Highway.

  • 18 signs along Highway 1 from Perry River to Revelstoke.
  • 13 signs along the Coquihalla from Portia Interchange to the former Toll Plaza.
  • 16 signs along the Sea-to-Sky from Squamish to Function Junction.

The program is budgeted at $12.5 million dollars.

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