Kamloops man volunteering with Global Medic relays refugee crisis

By Jessica Lepp
January 16, 2016 - 8:40am

KOS, Greece — A Kamloops man volunteering on the front line with Global Medic is sharing his firsthand account of helping refugees who have crossed the water between Turkey and Greece .

Ted Sales is in Koss, Greece were he's helping prepare hygiene and food kits for distribution to the refugees who arrive on shore.

”It's definitely the cool season here. The sea's are a bit stormy. There were some drownings the day I arrived that slowed down the migration of people,” says Sales.

He says over 30 people drowned last week halting crossings for a few days.

 “There's groups picked up along the coast who are a bit warmer and calmer by the time they get here. There's people who basically crash up against the ferry terminal right in the port and they're quite hysterical trying to get ashore.”

Sales says the refugees are risking their lives in eight foot inflatable boats with small engines and substandard life jackets as they cross the water.

He describes his experience as heartwarming and says it as a reminder of how privileged we are in Canada.  

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