Costly implications for a pesticide ban on municipal land

By Jessica Lepp
December 13, 2015 - 4:29pm Updated: December 14, 2015 - 12:29pm

KAMLOOPS — There could be costly implications for the City of Kamloops if council votes in favor of a ban of cosmetic pesticides on all municipal land this week.

A report from the city’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department says it would cost approximately $30,000.00 for additional staff time and alternative methods for weed control.

In addition, the report says $25,000.00 would be needed for educational purposes for the public including interpretive signage and workshops.

A recommendation by staff is that council approve the two expenditures for the 2016 base budget.

City councilor Arjun Singh, who was among those who voted 5—4 in favor of a pesticide ban on all residential properties in July, says the costs are no surprise.

“We always knew there might be some added costs to being more healthy and how we use our lawn care within the city and I think people expect us to act according to the public bylaw we put in place. If  we’re going to restrict people’s use on their own private property we should do the same within city operations,” says Singh.

The report also states it would cost an additional $40,000.00 for “alternative pesticides, increased staff time, materials and equipment” on sports fields.

The city could also be faced with other costs including $100,000.00 to replace the turf of a sports field in the event of full infestation.

Staff will vote on the ban at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.


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