String of Kamloops auto break-ins continues

By James Peters
December 10, 2015 - 10:06am

KAMLOOPS — Another day, another suspect in a series of auto break-ins caught by Kamloops RCMP.

This time, police dog Zak got up early this morning to help officers arrest a suspect in the area of Courtenay Crescent on the North Shore.

A 19-year-old man faces charges.

It's the third time this week an alleged thief or thieves has been collared for targeting parked vehicles.

Corporal Cheryl Bush says in most cases, the vehicle owners are making it easy for the thieves.

"They go along, they try door handles. When they do find something unlocked, they then enter the vehicle to see what they can help themselves to," said Bush. "It may be something as minor as a little bit of loose change in there, but time and time again, we are getting reports of things such as wallets, electronics, more valuable items being taken from vehicles."

Earlier this week, alleged thieves were arrested on Kobayashi Place in Brocklehurst, and on Robson Drive in Upper Sahali.

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