Government reaction to the email scandal

By Jessica Lepp
October 26, 2015 - 1:38pm

The Provincial Government is on the hot seat after a scathing report from the Privacy Commissioner about deliberately deleted emails. The report finds that under Christy Clark's government staffers have breached the Freedom of Information law by not adequately keeping email records and were withholding information from the public. 

Premier Christy Clark says she doesn't even know how to "triple delete" emails but that's exactly what her government is under fire for according to the Privacy Commissioner who says staff are erasing emails to eliminate their footprint. The report alleges breaches of the Freedom of Information or FOI laws, willful destruction of records and negligent searches for records. The report also found Transport Ministry assistant George Gretes wasn't transparent in FOI requests and then repeatedly lied under oath. The case is being investigated by RCMP. Gretes, who resigned yesterday, was also found to be deleting emails relating to the Highway of Tears. The Transportation Minister admits, prior to the report, he himself triple deleted certain emails. When asked he said he will not step down from his position. While the Premier has committed to implementing recommendations made by the Privacy Commissioner, she says the former Privacy Commissioner will review the current practice and then train staff to be consistent with the law.

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