McLeod, Cavers Spar Over Facebook Post

By James Peters
October 13, 2015 - 11:43am

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Conservative candidate Cathy McLeod and Kamloops Councillor Donovan Cavers traded barbs rather than Thanksgiving wishes on the weekend.

McLeod issued a news release yesterday calling out Cavers for sharing on Facebook a link to another social media account that offers nude photos of women in exchange for a pledge to vote against Stephen Harper.

McLeod said the website is degrading to women, and the fact that a sitting councillor would 'promote' the page is disgusting.

In fact, what Cavers shared was a link to a news story about the nudes-for-votes service, not to the service itself.

Cavers reacted with a news release saying McLeod's response was an attempt to distract voters.

He said his post on Facebook did not constitute an endorsement and called attention to his own record of advocating for women.

Cavers added he believes McLeod owes women an apology for her party's record on women's issues.

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