Taylor Trial Day 5: Accused killer professes love for dead girlfriend

By Jessica Lepp
October 5, 2015 - 2:54pm Updated: October 8, 2015 - 10:49am

On day five of a Kamloops murder trial, an 11 person jury watched the accused killer profess his love for his dead girlfriend during a recorded interview. 24 year old Damien Taylor was questioned at the Prince George police detachment on December 5th 2012, the same day 16 year old CJ Fowler's body was found in Kamloops.

Court watched video of an emotional Damien Taylor telling Prince George RCMP Sergeant Todd Wiebe, CJ Fowler was his angel. When asked, he denied killing her and said she was the love of his life. In that same interview Taylor told the officer the last time he saw Fowler was at Royal Inland Hospital the morning they found out she was pregnant.

The jury also heard from RIH triage nurse Ian Wood who testified he witnessed Fowler and Taylor leave the hospital together on December 5th at around 1:30 in the morning after what appeared to be a verbal disagreement. He said he heard raised voices at the door.

Emergency room Dr Lykke Williamson told court he treated Fowler the day before her body was found. Dr Williamson says Fowler claimed she had a history of crystal meth use but that she hadn't used in four days however she was complaining of chest pain. Dr Williamson says he delivered the news to Fowler that she was pregnant noting in the thousands of patients he see's every year Fowler's reaction stood out. He said she was calm and her facial expression didn't change. The doctor said Taylor was also calm. While waiting for more test results Dr Williamson noted that he saw Fowler sleeping while Taylor rested next to her with his head in her lap. The trial will resume next week.

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