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Monday, February 20th

Are you unhappy with your eyebrows?  We'll tell you how you can have perfect eyebrows every day of the week!  Tasha Hunt and Corrine Serink join us from Ardeo Spa Salon to talk about the revolutionary technique of microblading.

Perdita Bostock joins us with the weekly travel deals from Travelwise.

Judy Basso joins us on the show to talk about the Mamma Mia party she is planning - with partial proceeds going to the Kamloops SPCA.

Tuesday, February 21st

Corporal Jodi Shelkie joins us on the show from the Kamloops RCMP.

Chef Wendell Stoughton joins us in the kitchen from Scott's Inn and Restaurant.

Paul Cuthbert joins us to talk about the Hair Mass-a-Cure event taking place at the Kamloops Coast Hotel and Conference Centre this coming Saturday night.  Tickets are still available.

Wednesday, February 22nd

Mark Bertoli returns to the show from Abbott Wealth Management.

Pharmacist Missagh Manshadi returns to the show to talk about pain, and options on how to handle pain, from Manshadi's Pharmacy.

Alyssa Kyllo joins us from the SPCA, with the CFJC SPCA 'Pet of the Week.

Thursday, February 23rd

We are back in the kitchen making chinese food with Faith Leung from Mook Wok.

Ultramarathoner Wendy Brown joins us on the show to talk about a run she is undertaking from Cache Creek to Kamloops, to raise money for the Pregnancy Care Centre in Kamloops.

We are joined by Lorraine Mallon and Kirsten Herman from Oncore Seniors Society.

Friday, February 24th

Karla Pearce returns to the show to do some painting over the course of the hour.

We learn more about a special conference being held at TRU in March called 'Empower,' a community mentoring event for men and women. Details today.

Members of the Paw Patrol gang are having their pictures taken with kids for a minimum five dollar donation at Sahali Mall this coming Saturday, to raise money for the RIH Pediatric Ward.  Details today.


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