Y Strong Kids Challenge

The 'Broadcast Bandits' are reaching out to ask you to support the Y Strong Kids Campaign because we believe that every kid deserves a chance to reach their potential.

The Y gives kids a healthy, active and safe place to be in our community. Unfortunately, many kids don’t have this in their lives. Many families can’t afford to access programs like summer camp, swim lessons and early years support for their children.

Our Strong Kids Challenge team has pledged to raise $4,000 so that 40 kids will have the chance to participate in Y programs and feel the sense of belonging that comes from being a part of a supportive community.

100% of every donation to the Y Strong Kids Campaign goes to directly to supporting kids and families. Please click on the DONATE button now and help our team give 40 kids the chance to play, learn and belong at the Kamloops Y in 2016. Thank you!

The 'Broadcast Bandits' consist of Adam Donnelly, Chad Harris, Jill Sperling, Vanessa Ybarra, Angie Heinze