Sign From God for Oprah?

March 8, 2018 - 6:15am

She asked for it! Thanks to Stephen Colbert, God has finally gotten around to giving Oprah Winfrey the thumbs up for a presidential run in 2020.

Last month, the A Wrinkle in Time star told People that the only thing that would make her run for president is a sign from God that's "so clear that not even I can miss it."

  • Tuesday night, she appeared on The Late Show and got a visit from God, who appeared via projection on the ceiling of the Ed Sullivan Theater.
  • "I'm a huge fan," the projection told her. When Oprah reciprocated, God said: "Wow, Oprah knows who I am? I can't wait to tell Jesus."
  • "I hear thou seeketh a sign? Well, is this clear enough?" God then intoned, pointing to a sign that reads "Run!"
  • "Well, all I can say, God, is that now 'run' is now a part of my exercise routine. I can tell you that," Winfrey responded.
  • God then underlined the point, donning an "Oprah 2020" hat and t-shirt.
  • "Lord, let me just say this to you," Winfrey said. "It's not something I've ever seen myself doing. It's not the kind of job that you can have without fully devoting yourself to it 100 percent."
  • "Have you seen this White House?" God asked in response. "Come on, Oprah. I had all this merch printed up. I put it on my wife's credit card. She's gonna kill me."
  • Responded Winfrey, "God, take it from me, Oprah: It's going to be okay. Everything's going be okay. And I'm sure you're going to find someone that you are just as inspired by in 2020."


Watch Oprah Discuss Running for President with 'God':