Salma Hayek & Ashley Judd Open Up

March 2, 2018 - 6:00am

Salma Hayek interviewed Ashley Judd for a story in Town & Country in which both ended up opening up about their treatment at the hands of the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Hayek and Judd are two of the dozens of women who have revealed that he sexually abused them.

For Judd, 49, she said the #MeToo and Time's Up movement have given her an opportunity to be accepted again in Hollywood after being "maliciously blacklisted" for years.

  • "I hope to have more opportunities now," Judd said. "I'm going to be doing a show on Broadway this fall. I was offered a romantic comedy. And that is the greatest amends that Hollywood can make to me for having maliciously blacklisted me for something that was patently false and promulgated by a sexual predator and alleged rapist."
  • In an article for The New York Times in December, Hayek, 51, alleged that Weinstein ordered her to do a nude scene with another woman for Frida.
  • "The only reason I was able to finally do it was your loving hand. If it weren't for you, this story wouldn't have come out," Hayek told Judd in T&C of her decision to write the NYT piece.
  • Hayek also revealed that her friend Penelope Cruz was angry with her for not being more open about her experience with the 65-year-old Weinstein.
  • "Penlope was really angry at me, because I didn't tell her what was going on while it was happening," she said. "But, you know, I didn't realize Harvey was doing it to other people, too, so I thought, 'Why dump your stuff on someone and take away from their professional relationship with him?' At that time Harvey was doing the best movies."
  • She added that while she was inspired by Judd and other women to come forward, it took her a few months to gather her courage.
  • "It took me a couple of months in my head, because I had never told anyone. Just thinking about it weakened me emotionally," Hayek said. "And if it affected me in such a way just to think about it, why would I say it out loud? The hard part was to tell my husband, because I had said, 'Oh, Harvey was a bully,' but I had never told him all of it."