Dr. Phil Provides Drugs and Booze to Addicted Guests??

December 29, 2017 - 6:15am

The Dr. Phil Show provides illicit drugs and alcohol to guests on its show, according to a new report on STAT News. The guests who receive the substances are allegedly addicts and they're being given drugs and booze in a bid to boost ratings.

The allegations stem from Todd Herzog, a former Survivor: China contestant who was first a guest on Dr. Phil's show in 2013. His account details being flown to L.A. to appear on the show. He was checked into his hotel for a two-day detox but was then taken to a studio where vodka appeared in his green room, he claims.

  • He allegedly consumed the entire bottle and was so intoxicated he had to be carried to his chair to appear on the show. He went on to appear three more times on the show, and claims he was treated similarly. Other guests echoed his experience, with one unidentified woman even being told to purchase heroin for her addicted niece.
  • All of this was done in a bid to make their appearances more dramatic. Reps for the show deny the allegations.


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Watch Todd Herzog on Dr. Phil: