Shakira Still Isn’t Ready

December 28, 2017 - 6:30am

Shakira is taking some extra time to heal. The 40-year-old singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that she has further postponed her El Dorado World Tour, revealing that it will now kick off in June 2018.

"To my dear fans and friends, I wanted to write one more letter to express my gratitude to all of you for the immeasurable love and support that you have sent me these past few weeks," Shakira began an emotional message to fans. "You have made me feel that my voice is not only mine but also yours, and that it has a purpose. There were times when your prayers and messages of affection and encouragement along with those of my family were the only thing buoying my spirits."

"Though I very much hoped to be able to recover my vocal cords in time to pick the tour back up in January, and after exploring many options to that effect, I have accepted that this is an injury that simply needs more time and care to heal. I feel for all of you who planned ahead to come to these shows and who have been so patient as I took the time needed to figure out the best course of action with my doctors," she continued.

"Thankfully, I am so relieved and happy to share with you that I will be getting back on the road in June 2018 with my El Dorado World Tour in Europe, and the US, with Latin America dates to be announced soon."

Shakira first announced in early November that she would be postponing several tour dates over strained vocal cords, revealing a couple of weeks later that she would be postponing the entire tour.

Meanwhile, Shakira stars in Costa Cruises' new European advertising campaign. The ads are a "love story with a twist." Costa Cruises' intended to create a Federico Fellini-esque film with allusions to Italian arthouse cinema, dreamlike atmospheres, and the theme from the film Amarcord (a Fellini film), composed by Nino Rota.


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