Sheryl Crow with Sandy Hook Tribute Song: Watch Here

December 12, 2017 - 6:30am Updated: December 14, 2017 - 9:19am

Sheryl Crow has unveiled her poignant new video for "The Dreaming Kind," which the singer penned to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

"The tragedy in Newtown 5 years ago and the countless lives lost in mass shootings since have weighed heavily on my heart," Crow said of the track.

"I felt compelled to write 'The Dreaming Kind' for the incredible people at Sandy Hook Promise who work so hard every day to combat gun violence. The extraordinary work this organization does to educate and protect our nation from further bloodshed gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I hope this song will inspire the same feeling in those who hear it."

On the track, Crow sings, "I turned off the news again tonight / It's getting hard to watch everyone fight / Every time I turn my face / I see the world from outer space / How small we are but look how much we have to waste."

Speaking to People, Crow talked about the "complete and total devastation and disillusionment" that comes in the aftermath of these mass shootings and how the Sandy Hook Promise hopes to prevent future tragedies.

"When Sandy Hook happened, we knew it was a life-changing moment where we were going to address the idea that not everyone should be approved to own a gun, especially military-style weaponry and yet, nothing happened," Crow said. "At some point, the alarm clock has to go off and we have to wake up."

Crow's 12-year-old niece Ava Crow appears on the track, asking on the chorus, "Could you imagine it if love was blind / If on this earth everybody was kind? / Oh what a different world it'd be."

"Every $1 you donate helps Sandy Hook Promise train one student or adult how to Know The Signs of individuals at-risk of hurting themselves or others and take action to get help," Crow added. "By training two-generations of Americans, we are creating a culture engaged in preventing gun violence, resulting in saving more lives and keeping our schools and communities safe, nationwide. "

Crow performed the song on Good Morning America yesterday, sharing the stage with Ava. "She's still very innocent and very wide-eyed. Her voice is pure and very touching," Crow told People. "She came over, she sang it four times and it was perfect."


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