Ainge, Grace

January 24, 2018 - 8:08am
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Kamloops, B.C.

June 4, 1917 – January 21, 2018

A bright light has been extinguished. Amazing Grace, the perfect name for her – she brought grace and dignity to everything she did. Always early, fashionable and of course, always so beautiful, and very proper. Born during WWI, raised during the dirty 30’s, fell in love with her future husband Dave while working at Eatons, married during WW2, baby boomer children, retirement holidays in Hawaii. Sunday dinners were always special, delicious, and an honour for anyone lucky enough to be invited. Mom thought it was important for her children to be comfortable and self-assured in all situations, so summer vacations alternated between camping and visiting a different province or state every year. She stimulated our interest in museums, history, theatre, old buildings (imagining how things were in those days), fine dining, meeting new people and valued the importance of play and imagination.

Grace was always up for a holiday, spontaneous or planned. We were always creating new traditions like First Annual “whatever” picnics that sometimes made it to Second Annual. She was adventurous for her age (encouraged by family of course) like slipping down the waterslides in Kelowna, all the rides in Disneyland (two trips), travelling through Denmark and Sweden. Mom’s favourite pastimes were “pollocking” through dollar stores and antique malls (on the outlook for hidden treasures), eating fish and chips on the beach in White Rock, any excuse to travel or just go for a drive and, of course, reading cook books and food magazines. Lest you think she was perfect, she was not. She loved to feed Peggy Sue under the table when she thought no one was looking (we were), sometimes her interpretation of things was a little skewed, like thinking that “over 55” residences meant people were nude. We still laugh about that. She also had an absurd fear of mice, and rats and rodents in general (but not bunnies) with the exception of Mickey. Not enough room to tell the mouse stories – you have to ask me. Can’t fit in the cat stories either.

Mom was predeceased by her husband David, beloved son Jack (John David), parents Nelson and Jean Smith, two brothers Jack and Nelson, sister-in-law Barbara, and her niece Shirley. She is survived by her daughter Pamela, son-in-law Larry (Sue), daughter-in-law Gayle, granddaughter Jillian, nephew Tom (Stephanie), nieces Jane (Pedro) and Susan and nephew Donald (Kathy), special great-nieces and nephews Lesleigh, Steven, Wendy, Robbie, Barbara, Lyle, Dale and their families, and the Dowies (Corey, Julia, Rose and Annabelle).

Grace has “slipped the surly bonds of earth to dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings”. Mom moved to Ashcroft in October to spend her remaining time with her daughter but sadly that time was much too short. Dad had been calling her for years so now he has her back. I am sure there is a grand reception waiting for her. Grace has etched her name onto the hearts of many and carved her legacy into our minds. You were so loved and we will miss you forever. Celebration of Life at a later date.

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