How to keep local news front and centre in your Facebook feed

Two & Out
By James Peters
February 9, 2018 - 11:08am Updated: February 9, 2018 - 11:54am

KAMLOOPS — Does Mark Zuckerberg know what he wants?

Facebook has now surpassed almost every other medium as the news source of choice for most of us.

We wish it weren't so, but it is and those of us who work for legacy media have to be creative to ensure the important, trustworthy stuff is getting through to our audience.

In recent years, the good journalism is being drowned in a sea of sensationalism and inaccuracy.

Instead of addressing untrustworthy news sources head on, Zuckerberg decided the new Facebook algorithm will start ignoring all news, and try to make it work with cat photos and racist memes shared by the family member you'd rather forget.

Here at CFJC, we know Facebook is, for many of you, the number one place you connect with us.

If our news starts disappearing from your Facebook feeds, you won't like that.

So here's one way to ensure you still get what you need from us.

  1. If you're using Facebook on your smartphone or tablet, open Facebook and tap the three horizontal lines that form the menu icon.
  2. Find and tap 'Settings' and then select 'News Feed Preferences.'
  3. Facebook will allow you to 'Prioritize who to see first.'
  4. Once you're there, find 'CFJC Today Kamloops' and select us.

Now, if you're using Facebook on your desktop computer, it's a little different.

  1. After you log in, go to the 'CFJC Today Kamloops' page.
  2. Ensure the button beside 'Like' says 'Following,' and when you hover your mouse over it, click 'See First.'

We appreciate every viewer who watches our newscasts, but we know we have an audience who connects with us on Facebook as well.

Mark Zuckerberg may want to flood your feed with baby pictures and advertisements, but let's make sure you get a healthy dose of local news in there as well.