Can we ever appreciate the work of Hollywood sex abusers again?

Two & Out
By James Peters
November 17, 2017 - 5:00am Updated: November 17, 2017 - 11:54am

KAMLOOPS — It's about time we had some good news to trumpet coming from our neighbours to the south.

And with the avalanche of sexual assault allegations coming forward against powerful men in Hollywood, we finally have something to give us hope.

It's not hopeful, of course, that these men have done these horrible things.

But that would have been the case whether the stories had come out or not.

The positive news is that the victims of these men have found the strength to name their attackers, name their actions and expose those actions to daylight.

A movement that first started with whom? Harvey Weinstein? Bill Cosby? Jian Ghomeshi? has become a veritable steam train barrelling downhill.

Almost every new day, another man's career is being ruined by his own actions.

Call it "The Reckoning."

It does put fans in an awkward place.

What do we do with the legacies of people like Louis CK and Kevin Spacey?

Is it possible to separate their consistently brilliant work from their predatory private lives?

When they brought us so much joy and entertainment in the past, are we allowed to look back at their careers with any fondness in the future?

The answer to those questions should come from the victims.

Those accusers should control the narrative now, and that will mean it probably won't be black and white.

Some of Louis CK's accusers have already accepted personal apologies and indicated their preference to move on.

Others undoubtedly won't have the same forgiveness in mind.

Fans will have to think long and hard, too.

In the end, it may be impossible to ever think of the mens' work again without thinking of what they did behind the scenes.

It will be forgotten.

And maybe that serves them right.