Rage all you want; our society is changing

Two & Out
By James Peters
August 18, 2017 - 12:31pm Updated: August 18, 2017 - 3:34pm

KAMLOOPS — There may be no stronger force known to humanity than the force of societal change. 

Our society will evolve in the face of all efforts to the contrary. 

For too many, the idea of a changing society is viewed from a moralistic standpoint: is this change right or wrong? 

Good or bad? 

Should it be encouraged or stopped? 

It's really a moot point. 

It will not be stopped, either by the most conservative religions or the most repressive governments. 

Instead, the question should be, how will we respond? 

For some, of course, responding in any way but resistance is difficult. 

We fear change. 

Just ask the organizers of this weekend's downtown Kamloops Pride Parade, who have been met with pushback from those who fear the societal change they represent. 

But as much as we as individuals may fear change, the ability to rise above that fear is what tells the most about our character. 

If we are rooted in values like love, peace, truth, acceptance, and the equality of all people, then we should be able to relax in the face of societal change; we should be able to move on with our lives. 

If we are rooted in values like intolerance and an entrenched belief in our own supremacy, if we bask in our predatory tendencies, we will respond with fear, hate and violence. 

In the United States, those who can't handle societal change have been emboldened by a leader who embraces those animalistic instincts. 

Donald Trump has brought xenophobia back into the mainstream. 

It's not evolution; it's reversion. 

When those scared white men in Charlottesville were faced with resistance, they lashed out in violence, like animals. 

Met with a society that is finally marginalizing their hateful arrogance, they mounted what we can only hope is their last stand. 

An angry mob marching with torches is collectively expressing fear. 

Fear of change, fear of the other. 

Fear that their cozy spot atop history's hierarchy is being taken away. 

And it is. 

This justice may not be finally served today or tomorrow, but society is changing, and those who have long jealously guarded the keys to the history books will be forced to open them up to all people. 

And there's nothing they or anyone else can do about it.