Some people always take the time to care

One Man's Opinion
By Doug Collins
August 11, 2017 - 9:36am

KAMLOOPS — Some people care about people. They are just built to put you in a position where you feel good about talking to them, and they always seem to respond no matter how busy they are.

I am fortunate to know a number of those people. People who call out of the blue to see how you’re doing, suggest going out for a coffee, or just having a quick chat.

We can learn from people like that. We can improve ourselves by trying to do what they’re doing- reaching out as colleagues, friends, associates- it really doesn’t matter. Just taking the time to say we’re there and we care.

Arjun Singh is that kind of person. As Deputy Mayor, Arjun is pretty busy these days. He’s involved in the provincial municipal scene as well as council, and involved in a number of community activities too. Yet he always seems to find time to put others as a priority. When people respond to his posts on social media, he always is quick to answer. When he says he will follow up on something, he most often does. And he makes you feel good when he does that. Even those people who jump to criticize him or the City get a civil response.

As one of the moderators for our company’s social media pages, I cannot believe the number of uncivil, bullying, ignorant people out there who can find nothing better than to trash others. Arjun isn’t like that. He’s not the only person who does this, but I write about him particularly because, as I’m at my desk this morning, I get a phone call, from Arjun, asking me how I’m doing, what’s new, and, in effect, making my day with his call. I know not what prompted his call. And I don’t really care. The fact he took the time to call puts him in a special place on my list of people I care about. Some will suggest it’s politically-motivated. Hell, I don’t know- maybe it is. I don’t get that sense, but even if it were, it’s a great pick-me-up to get a call from the Deputy Mayor to ask how you’re doing. Or someone you haven’t seen for a while asking what’s up.

Random acts of kindness are not as common as they should be, and these gestures by people like Arjun will hopefully inspire others to do more of the same. We should all be so lucky as to be on the receiving end of these feel-good expressions.