Sometimes people just make dumb comments

One Man's Opinion
By Doug Collins
June 14, 2017 - 5:00am
Image Credit: CFJC Today

KAMLOOPS — In my life, I have made my share of dumb comments. Just ask my wife and kids. But politicians take the cake, as we’ve seen south of the border. But it happens here in good old B.C. too.

NDP Leader John Horgan, so intent on taking power, said Monday British Columbians can’t afford to wait for a new government that will take action to fight the fentanyl crisis. He was visiting families affected by the crisis, and took a swipe at Premier Clark for not immediately resigning, suggesting, I think, her lack of resignation was part of the problem. He said that fentanyl has already taken too many lives and families can’t afford Clark’s neglect any more.

That statement is ludicrous at best, ignorant at worst. The Liberal government has been the leader in this country in trying to deal with the fentanyl crisis. B.C. ‘s former Health Minister was hailed a “hero” recently as he received a national award for his and the government’s prompt response to the fentanyl crisis.

Horgan’s absurd response Tuesday was a statement based on no facts whatsoever. Why he would do that is beyond me. As a leader who vows to work together with others, why would he simply not say “we can do more than we’ve done, and here’s what we’re proposing.” Then he could go on to propose his stand-alone ministry to deal with drug and mental health issues, and come out looking like someone with a vision instead of someone who wants to govern by simply smacking the other parties about the head and telling them how bad they are.

It’s no wonder people have no faith in government. It’s the reason people don’t want to run for office, it’s the reason why idealists who want to shape the future of the country do it outside the bounds of politics because they can actually accomplish something.

If you’re going to pick on the Liberals, Mr. Horgan, there are many issues you could choose without picking on the one issue where it’s pretty obvious the government has done a first-class job  dealing with. More can, and needs to be, done. But to suggest the Liberals have dropped the ball on this issue simply points out a lack of command of the facts.

You can do better, Mr. Horgan, and you’ll have to if you expect us to have faith in you as a potential Premier of the province.