Post-presidential election, some new outlets for online rage

Two & Out
By James Peters
November 18, 2016 - 4:57pm

KAMLOOPS — We've settled in now, haven't we?

We've all come to grips that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States?

We've accepted that, for about 50 million Americans, the fact that their head of state is a mysoginistic tyrant backed by white supremacists is not a deal breaker.

Because that is all part of our reality now, we need other avenues to channel our online rage.

After all, what is social media but an outlet for the constant vitriol that bubbles just underneath the surface for all of us?

Here are a couple of worthy subjects.

Canada's national bird, according to the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, is the gray jay, also known as the whisky jack.

Not the loon, not the Canada goose, and not the favourite from my home province of Manitoba, the red-bellied mosquito.

Not even the blue jay, which would at least represent our only Major League Baseball team.

No, it's the gray jay, a bird 99 per cent of us couldn't identify even if the family cat left it on the front porch.

A perfectly acceptable outlet for internet rage.

Or what about this?

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel was speaking out in the House of Commons this week, asking why the government was treating Alberta like 'a fart in the room.'

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May interrupted her comments and asked her to apologize for using unparliamentary language.

So there's one topic - should MPs be allowed to say 'fart,' or is there a less relevant subject for debate in the world today?

We all need to express our opinions on these weighty topics, using the strongest language possible and calling others names wherever possible.

After all, that certainly did wonders for the U.S. election campaign.