Leave the royals alone

Two & Out
By James Peters
September 30, 2016 - 3:21pm Updated: October 3, 2016 - 10:24am

KAMLOOPS — I am fully willing to admit I have been a grump for the past couple of weeks when it comes to the royal visit.

It's not just around the history of the British empire, and who it crushed to get where it is now.

It's not my distaste for hereditary rule either, the idea that heads of state can be born rather than chosen by the citizens.

Of course I know my beloved Canada arose from this history, though it would be wise to take steps to distance itself and forge a new path.

But that wasn't completely what bugged me about the royal visit.

It's the celeb worship that really gets me, especially when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Every minute detail of who Kate is - is painstakingly scrutinized by British media and royal watchers alike.

From her dress to her hair to her manner when meeting strangers to her smallest facial expression - everything is pored over and judged.

It's this ridiculous degree of public attention that led to the breakup of Charles and Diana's marriage, and ultimately played a hand in Diana's death.

There is little separating Kate from Kim Kardashian at this point.

Both exist in an unrelenting spotlight, though one clearly wants and craves the attention, and the other tolerates it.

Proof that Prince William and Kate are celebs first and monarchs second, is that hardly anyone mentioned that William is an heir to the throne.

Hardly anyone mentioned William at all.

Instead, they took their opportunity to tighten the vice around one woman, ramping up pressure that would make the strongest of us crack.

Instead of debating endlessly whether or not that green dress was ugly, whether she walked too quickly, whether she smiled widely enough, for goodness sake, leave the royals alone.