No need to Make Kamloops Great Again

Two & Out
By James Peters
July 22, 2016 - 3:00pm

KAMLOOPS — Does Kamloops have something in common with Donald Trump's America?


Trump has his catchphrase - "Make America Great Again" - but we have our own.

We see it repeated every time we here at CFJC post a story about crime taking place in our city. 

It's typed out almost as soon as we put the story up on our website and share it on Facebook: what is happening to this city?

It's as if the hoards of junkies and murderers have invaded, and good citizens are left with no option but to cower under our afghans in our homes, doors locked and shotguns loaded and aimed at our front doors. 

In reality, though, nothing is happening to this city. 

Or at least, nothing to be alarmed about. 

Certainly there is some more panhandling activity downtown, and that shouldn't be shrugged off, but most of the panhandlers are completely harmless. 

The eyeball test is not nearly as indicative, however, as real numbers. 

According to the RCMP, violent crime is on the downtrend, and that's supported by actual data. 

The idea that Kamloops is somehow going down the toilet is the same type of misguided belief that has led to the rise of Donald Trump in the United States. 

A segment of the population believes that America is not great, and needs to be made great again. 

This is, of course, code for Make America White Again, and is an exploitation of race-based fear that has never really left this segment of the population. 

It's nonsense.

Go on with your normal business, America, and don't give Trump the benefit of your attention, let alone your vote.

In Kamloops, don't believe the exaggerations about crime.

It's not nearly as bad as you think.