CFJC Today Team

CFJC Today has a dedicated news team to serve you online, on radio and on television.

Doug Collins - Director of News, Information and Television Operations
Bill O'Donovan - Assistant News Director
Earl Seitz - Sports Director
Susan Edgell - Midday Host / Anchor
James Peters - Radio News Anchor
Tanya Cronin - Reporter
Chad Klassen - Videojournalist
Adam Donnelly - Videojournalist
Greg Fry - Digital Reporter
Kent Simmonds - Videographer
Jill Sperling - Reporter

Mel Rothenburger - Columnist, Armchair Mayor
Bill McQuarrie - Columnist, Plain Rhetoric
Daniela Ginta - Columnist, The Way I See It
David Charbonneau - Columnist, Eyeview


To contact the CFJC Today team you can call 250-851-3204 or email [email protected].

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