New revelations in college admissions scandal

By The Canadian Press/CNN
March 15, 2019 - 7:26am

VANCOUVER —  The Hallmark Channel says it's no longer working with actress Lori Loughlin in light of her arrest in the sprawling U-S college admissions cheating case.

     Loughlin had been filming two Hallmark Channel projects in Metro Vancouver when the charges came to light this week alleging she was among dozens of parents who paid a consultant to get their kids into college with bribes and falsified exams.

     Before Hallmark made the announcement, a judge ordered Loughlin's passport to be surrendered in December after allowing her to cross the border for work until then.

     Loughlin has not yet entered a plea in the case, and her attorney declined comment Wednesday after her first appearance in a Los Angeles federal court. 

     Meanwhile, Investigators who discovered  the biggest college admissions cheating scandal ever weren't even looking for it.

     They were investigating a totally separate case when they got a tip. It came from a financial executive who was being investigated by the feds in a fraud case.

     This executive, in a bid to save his own skin, told them that a soccer coach had accepted bribes to help the executive's daughter get into Yale

     That according to the Wall Street Journal.

     Investigators took it from there.

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