Pritchard man taken to hospital after dog attack

By James Peters
January 8, 2019 - 10:09am

PRITCHARD, B.C. — A Pritchard man was taken to hospital with injuries to his leg after a dog attack in the village Sunday (Jan. 6).

In a social media post, Joseph Thompson thanks those who helped in after the incident, including responding ambulance paramedics.

Thompson says he was walking his dogs Sunday when another dog ran up and attacked.

Sgt. Barry Kennedy of Chase RCMP confirmed the report.

"The male was walking his two dogs when another dog from the neighbourhood came out and attacked the two dogs. The owner of those two dogs attempted to step in and save his dogs, and he was subsequently bitten in the legs," said Kennedy.

On social media, Thompson says his injuries will have him "laid up for a while."

"He was transported by ambulance to hospital," said Kennedy. "There was no visible injury to his leg but they took him in as a precautionary, just in case there was an internal injuries on his leg. One of the dogs had minor injuries and was cared for."

"Police were able to locate the owner of the dog and discussed the situation with him. The owner was apologetic, and confirmed that the attack had taken place."

Kennedy says the owner is not facing criminal charges, but the matter has been forwarded to the municipality for potential further action.

"The information has been forwarded off to Thompson-Nicola Regional District Dangerous Dog Control," said Kennedy. "They are looking into that as for further action that will be taken against the owner and the dog."

In the social media post, Thompson alleged the dog had a history of aggression, but Kennedy said this is the first interaction that has been investigated by Chase RCMP.

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