Karpuk ready to lead as SD73 Board Chair

By Dylana Milobar
November 8, 2018 - 5:42pm

KAMLOOPS — Now that election season has wrapped up, those fresh in office around Kamloops are getting used to their new roles.

While it is her fourth term on the Board of Education, Kathleen Karpuk is entering her first term as Board Chair.

"So the first thing that I'm really going to be focusing on in the short term is team building. Bringing the new trustees in with our current trustees and just getting everybody on the same page and moving together."

Faced with a growing student population — and schools packed to the rafters — the board's number one goal remains getting capital funding to build more facilities.

"Looking at whether or not we just do an expansion on Valleyview or replace the school, and looking at various different building options for it," Karpuk says. "So now it's getting those bits and pieces in to the Ministry so that they can make a decision about the school."

A mother of three kids currently in the school system, Karpuk says she first got into the position to be more involved. 

"I've always been a passionate advocate for our Aboriginal students to ensure that they have the same opportunities and successes as our other students," Karpuk says. "So getting to parity for our graduation rate. And not just parity in the number of students that graduate, but also parity in their academic achievement that they have."

Some new faces will be working alongside Karpuk on the school board, including Heather Grieve, John O'Fee, and Diane Jules.

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