Christian re-elected mayor; four new councillors in Kamloops

By Ashley Legassic
October 20, 2018 - 4:28pm Updated: October 20, 2018 - 11:47pm

KAMLOOPS — Incumbent mayor Ken Christian has been re-elected as mayor after being challenged by William Turnbull for the seat. Incumbent councillors Arjun Singh, Kathy Sinclair, Dieter Dudy and Denis Walsh were returned to council, and will be joined by Mike O'Reilly, Dale Bass, Sadie Hunter and Bill Sarai.  Incumbent councillors Donovan Cavers and Ray Dhaliwal sought re-election but were unseated, while Pat Wallace and Tina Lange gave up their seats.

Mayor Ken Christian reacts to election results:

Newcomers Jennifer Adams, Nicholas Adams, Chris Bose, Corally Delwo, Dennis Giesbrecht, Shawn Harnett, Jimmy Johal, Stephen Karpuk, Caroline King, Alison Klie, and Gerald Watson had hoped to land a spot on council, but Dale Bass, Sadie Hunter, Mike O'Reilly and Bill Sarai will be the only new faces.

The brand new councillors:

Donovan Cavers reaction:

A look at the makeup of the new council:

Advance voting numbers were up from the last election in 2014, especially so with a third day of advance voting added. This year a record number of voters turned out ahead of general voting day, with nearly 3,100 people casting their ballots. However voting turnout in general for this election only landed at about 30 per cent.

The City of Kamloops says 20,570 people voted between today and the advanced voting opportunities. That represents a 29.9-percent turnout, which is down markedly from the 2014 election.

The list below will be updated with poll leaders as results come in. All polls have reported, and results are unofficial.


Ken Christian (incumbent) - 17,328 votes

William Turnbull - 2,666 votes


Arjun Singh - 12,203 votes

Kathy Sinclair - 10,806 votes

Mike O'Reilly - 9,375 votes

Dieter Dudy - 9,181 votes

Dale Bass - 9,059 votes

Denis Walsh - 7,960 votes

Sadie Hunter - 7,441 votes

Bill Sarai - 7,218 votes

Ray Dhaliwal - 6,486 votes

Stephen Karpuk - 6,334 votes

Gerald Watson - 6,088 votes

Caroline King - 6,001 votes

Donovan Cavers - 5,705 votes

Alison Klie - 4,589 votes

Dennis Giesbrecht -  4,562 votes

Jennifer Adams - 4,367 votes

Jimmy Johal - 3,851 votes

Chris Bose - 3,305 votes

Nicholas Adams - 2,820 votes

Corally Delwo - 2,635 votes

Shawn Harnett - 1,477 votes


John O'Fee - 11,261 votes

Kathleen Karpuk - 9,972 votes

Joe Small - 9,001 votes

Heather Grieve - 8,317 votes

Meghan Wade - 8,123 votes

Kerri Schill - 5,582 votes

Donovan Cavers - 5,324 votes

Adam Jensen - 4,355 votes

Beat Klossner - 2,946 votes

Bowen Cooluris - 2,853 votes


The rural school trustee for Electoral Area 4 in the TNRD is Diane Jules, who led the vote with 607 to Caroline Thompson's 544.

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