Scammers use Kamloops RCMP phone number

By James Peters
September 13, 2018 - 11:54am

KAMLOOPS — The latest scam targeting unwitting marks in Kamloops has another twist to confuse potential victims.

Cpl. Jodi Shelkie says in this iteration, the scam phone call appears to be coming from the Kamloops RCMP detachment.

"The victims will see on their call display, in some cases, that it actually will say 'Kamloops RCMP' and in fact may have our phone number of 250-828-3000, which is a very recognizable number," said Shelkie. "That lends credence to the fact that it may be legitimate."

Shelkie says the scammer will scare the victim by talking about an arrest warrant.

"Unless they pay them money by meeting them somewhere and giving them cash or depositing BitCoin into an account, there will be a warrant for their arrest. If they see the number '828-3000' and see 'Kamloops RCMP,' they believe that this is in fact something that is real," said Shelkie.

The RCMP spokesperson says this is not how arrest warrants work.

"We never phone anybody to let them know there is a warrant for their arrest. No warrant for arrest is vacated by paying anybody. If there is a warrant for somebody's arrest, the matters are handled with documentation that is usually served in person to the person who has a warrant out for their arrest."

"We just want people to be aware: if you're receiving a phone call from Kamloops RCMP and they're demanding money, saying you have a warrant for your arrest, it's a scam. Hang up."

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