Cannabis plant on time in Lumby

By 1075 Beach Radio News
August 7, 2018 - 12:00pm

LUMBY — Work is moving along well on the True Leaf Cannabis plant in Lumby.

CEO Darcy Bomford says the project is still on schedule for completion this fall.

Formwork and structural steel construction was completed in mid-June and deep utilities, trenching and other civil work is underway.

“The roof`s going on now. The footings are poured for the entire 25 thousand square feet but we`re concentrating on the nine thousand square foot central hub right now.”

It’s expected the building envelope will be done by the end of this month

Getting the hub finished is critical toward getting the license to cultivate so they can begin growing in the hub.

“So we’ll have an initial grow area there in the hub and then once we have that license to cultivate and from what we understand you grow two cultivars in conjunction which takes, I don’t know, one to three months. two to three months I guess.”

A Health Canada inspection would then come before a license to sell would be issued.

He hopes that will be in place by mid next year.

Darcy Bomford admits with hundreds of other companies looking to be in the business, competition is strong, but True Leaf’s niche is pet products right now.

“True Leaf Pet has hemp seed-based products, so they’re completely legal for sale. And we closed on 1.4  million in sales in March, so we’re pretty happy with our progress there. Almost tripled sales in a year.”

Bomford says on the medicinal side, the focus will be medicinal cannabis and/or super-high end craft cannabis that could be sold into the recreational market.

But he says the company is more about creating a brand on the medicinal side for people and similarly on the pet side with supplements and treats in the future.

Bomford says the pet line of products recently received accreditation from the U-S based National Animal Supplement Council.

“And if you fulfill certain requirements with all your ingredients and you have certain processes in place with both your warehouse and your manufacturer you can get this third party  accreditation.  We’re pretty happy with that. We can now put the little NASCO on our packaging.”

Bomford says eventually True Leaf will hopefully be growing its own CBD and THC cannabis for both pets and people.

Temperatures soaring across B.C.