Analyst predicts gas shortages will last at least another week

By Greg Fry
June 12, 2018 - 5:08pm

KAMLOOPS — There is no immediate end in sight to the periodic gas shortages plaguing B.C. and places beyond.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Dan McTeague with says it's all originating out of Alberta.

"Suncor has now been out of commission for two weeks longer than planned," he says. "At the beginning of May, Petro Canada-Suncor in Edmonton shut down its facility to undertake major operational changes, as well as maintenance. That was supposed to end about two weeks ago and it hasn't."

McTeague says the company likely ran into some trouble or some difficulties in restarting and that's meant widespread shortages from Thunder Bay all the way to the B.C. Interior and central B.C.

"This is not likely to end for at least another week by all accounts. This company is very mum about when this is coming back online but the reality is gas prices are not being impacted, it's merely a question of convenience and supply."

He adds gas shortages are not that unusual.

"It happens more often then we know. Allocation is not something that is new but we often don't hear about it until we start to see gas stations actually closing down. These things usually happen every year or so but not for this extended period of time and certainly not affecting as many gas stations."

CFJC Today reached out to Suncor Tuesday to find out from them how long the shortage would last and received the following response:

"We continue to experience a gasoline supply shortage in parts of BC. We understand that this is an inconvenience to our customers, we apologize and are working to mitigate the impacts."

So far diesel pumps have not been affected in B.C.

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