New TNRD Mobile Library heads out on maiden voyage

By Adam Donnelly
May 29, 2018 - 4:44pm Updated: May 30, 2018 - 5:01am

KAMLOOPS — It’s been 6 weeks since we took you on a tour of the old TNRD Bookmobile which, at that time, was up for sale.

The old bookmobile was sold, and Tuesday marked the maiden voyage of the new TNRD Mobile Library, a brand new, extra spacious replacement. CFJC Today was there as the new library-on-wheels docked at Sahali Mall for the first time and spoke with the new library’s first patron.

Upon first sighting the TNRD’s new mobile library, its sheer size is what strikes you.

“It just has such a presence to it now,” Mobile Librarian Grant Swyers said. “It’s so much bigger.”

Tuesday marked the maiden voyage of the new state-of-the-art Mobile Library. and the first customer had some deep ties to the mobile library program. Bud Davidson drove one of the first TNRD Library Bookmobiles. He says the new unit is a far cry from the vehicle he used to drive.

“The first one was an articulating vehicle on a truck,” Davison explained. “They put aluminium siding on the outside with rivets. The flex of the Bookmobile caused the rivets to pop. It had three wheels on each side that picked up every rock. I’d have a flat every three weeks.”

For Bud, there’s one word that sums up the new Mobile Library: “Awesome,” he said with a smile.

Swyers, who is one of the full-time staff assigned to the new Mobile Library, says this new vehicle will allow staff to provide more than just books and materials to their patrons.

“One of the main things is going to be the programming and just having the room to do things in here,” Swyers explained. “We can do story time or tech presentations. It allows us to offer more of the services you can get at the library that we weren’t able to provide before in the smaller space of the old Bookmobile.”

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