ICBC planning high-risk driving blitz this long weekend

By Greg Fry
May 17, 2018 - 10:39am

KAMLOOPS — ICBC and police will be cracking down on high-risk driving behaviours this Victoria Day long weekend.

The provinice-wide initiative is part of a month-long campaign and will focus on such behaviours as speeding and distracted driving.

ICBC notes the Victoria Day long weekend can be deadly as evidenced in 2016 when 490 people were injured in 1,900 crashes. On average, two people are killed every year over the May long weekend.

In light of those startling statistics, ICBC has issued some important tips to help keep motorists safe.

They include checking Drive BC before you leave home, driving at a safe and steady speed, not speeding up as someone passes you, allowing a least a three second following distance when following a motorcycle and not using your cell phone.

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