All flood-related evacuation orders lifted in TNRD

By Greg Fry
May 17, 2018 - 9:44am

MERRITT, B.C. — Good news for residents away from home due to the threat of flooding in the Lower Nicola and Cherry Creek areas: you can go home.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is lifting the two final evacuation orders in the region effective at noon today due to lowering water levels. The 81 properties had been evacuated for the last week or so.

"Basically, we've been inspecting their properties and making sure that they have access to their homes and now it's looking like it's ready for those people to go back home and start moving forward," says spokesperson Michelle Nordstrom, who adds this doesn't necessarily mean the threat is over.

"There's an opportunity for more flooding, for sure. There's a lot of really high waters up in the North Thompson. We're getting some reporting of high water levels. So, we're just keeping an eye on everything and monitoring it. Especially if we get any changes in the weather, thunderstorms with a lot of rain could certainly add a lot more water to these already high levels."

She says those 81 properties will remain on evacuation alert.

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