Kamloops unions team up for protein with JUMP Program

By Adam Donnelly
May 7, 2018 - 4:25pm

KAMLOOPS — It was a busy day at the headquarters for the JUMP Program on Royal Avenue on Saturday. The Kamloops and District Labour Council held a Union Protein Project event - meant to help raise awareness for the need the JUMP Program has for donations of protein for those they serve.

Kamloops and District Labour Council President Barb Nederpel says volunteers served over 350 hungry people a nutritious roast beef dinner. While the dinner was a great opportunity for many vulnerable people to get a good meal, it’s also an opportunity to help spread the word about the good work the JUMP Program does for the community.

“We’re really impressed with the work [JUMP does] in the community,” Nederpel explained. “We wanted to find a way to support them.”

The JUMP Program is a 100% volunteer organization that serves hundreds of meals weekly from their clubhouse on Royal Avenue. Glenn Hilke is a coordinator and facilitator with the program and says they’re always looking for new ways to help ensure those in need are taken care of.

“This event… is about making sure that in each and every meal we serve here… that there is a protein component to the meal,” Hilke said. “We are in need of any kind of protein. That could be poultry, that could be beef, that could be fish… We’re actually looking for a rancher or a slaughterhouse that might be able to help ours out with some of that.”

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