Lafarge closure means no relief for Domtar, Tolko tax bills

By James Peters
April 13, 2018 - 4:31pm

KAMLOOPS — The city's two heavy industries will see their tax rates remain steady this year, despite Kamloops council's desire to see the rates drop.

In a report to council, city staff review a policy passed in 2017 that heavy industrial companies would have their tax hits capped at a combined $6.2 million.

But because of last year's closure of Lafarge, the tax rate won't have to dip and revenue from the other two companies — Domtar and Tolko — will remain under that limit.

The mill rate for heavy industry in Kamloops will remain at 73.34, as it was last year.

The BC average, according to the city, is 24.17.

That disparity led council to enact efforts to deflate the tax rate for heavy industry, with the aim at making Kamloops a more attractive location for them.

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