February a month of weather extremes in Kamloops

By Greg Fry
March 1, 2018 - 4:26pm

KAMLOOPS —Cold, wet and snowy.

That in a nutshell describes the weather in Kamloops last month.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says there was 52 millimetres of precipitation in February - that's rain and snow melted, and there's only usually 12.

"It was about 400 per cent of normal. So, it was the fifth wettest February that we have on record. And then we drilled down a little further and found it was also the fourth snowiest February on record with 50 centimetres. The snowiest was 62 centimetres in 1904."

And then there was the frigid cold Kamloopsians had to contend with.

"It was a particularly cold month for Kamloops. It was about six degrees below average so our usual temperature is right around zero and we were minus 6," he says.

So, what does Lundquist attribute it all to?

"Well it was a really mixed month. Southern B.C. experienced warmer temperatues and up in Prince George it was cold. The collision ground was right in the Interior."

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