Blood donation clinic in Kamloops this week

By Adam Donnelly
February 26, 2018 - 4:45pm Updated: February 26, 2018 - 5:27pm

KAMLOOPS — According to Canadian Blood Services, we need 100,000 new blood donors in Canada just to keep up with current demand. While Canadians are some of the most loyal donors in the world, CBS says there is an urgent for blood right now across the country, and they’re hoping people in Kamloops step up and help fill that need.

Their slogan is “It’s in you to give.” Canadian Blood Services is set up at the Calvary Community Church on Rogers Way Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, holding a Blood Donation Clinic, as they say, the need for blood across Canada is urgent.

“Right now we have less than three day supply,” Territory Manager Gayle Voyer told CFJC Today. “What we’re reaching out to Canadians to say is please roll up your sleeves and come and donate, so we can get that inventory up to where we need it to be.”

Those levels are quite low, according to Voyer.

“Typically we like to have around 8 days supply of blood in the system, Voyer explained. “If you go to you can see our inventory on any given day.”

The clinic in Kamloops was quite busy Monday, thanks in part to the Connell family. Holly Connell’s daughter Hayleigh O’Brien was an avid blood donor. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was also on the receiving end of blood donations.

“If we can save at least one more life doing this, Hayleigh would be so excited about that,” Connell said. I’m thankful that all these people are here giving.”

Others like Jason Robinson have a different reason to give.

“I donate blood because I’m borderline hemochromatosis, so I have high iron levels. I need to, four or five times a year give blood to bring my iron levels down,” Robinson explained after he was finished donating. “And I believe it’s the right thing to do, it helps people.”

Whatever the reasons someone has to donate blood, the important thing is getting to the clinic, and giving a pint.

“[You] need to make sure [you’re] hydrated, make sure [you’ve] had some food at least an hour before,” Voyer said. “Make you’re feeling well because [your] blood is going to a patient in need, and bring photo ID and make sure and our staff will actually walk you through the process.”

You never know when you might be one of those people who need the gift of life.

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