B.C. Games Society President calling 2018 Kamloops Games "best winter games I've ever seen"

By Chad Klassen
February 26, 2018 - 3:42pm Updated: February 26, 2018 - 6:09pm

KAMLOOPS — The President of the B.C. Games Society is calling the 2018 B.C. Winter Games the best winter games he's ever seen. 

Kelly Mann said it at a volunteer appreciation dinner on Sunday evening after the closing ceremony. The compliment a direct result of the committee's work and the city's ongoing committment to attracting high-level sporting events.

"The buy-in of the city, the buy-in of Sun Peaks, and of the corporate, business world," said Mann, who gave a shoutout to Games President Niki Remesz and Vice-President Maureen McCurdy and all the volunteers for their effort to make it a great event. 

Upon hearing Mann's sentiments, Remesz felt immense pride.  

"Hearing about the Winter Games being the best Games that Kelly Mann has ever seen, that just made my head snap up," she said. "I was really pleased and very proud of our community and what we've accomplished here."

Kamloops mayor Ken Christian said, "It's humbling to stand here as mayor and take credit, because really it's the 1,800 volunteers, it's Niki Remesz and Maureen McCurdy and the directors that really stepped up and made this so much of an experience."

Remesz said the Winter Games are leaving behind a financial lasting in the range of $100,000 for the city thanks to sponsorships and good fiscal management. 

"We know there's the $1.6 million that is just an outcome of the Games, economic spinoff," noted Remesz. "But we are expecting to have upwards of $100,000 that we will bring to the city once all the financials are done."

The $100,000 will put into the Sports Legacy Fund and will be used to promote future events and support local athletes. 

Following the closing ceremony, Christian thanked Remesz, the directors, and all the volunteers who helped contribute to the success of the Games. 

But he also touted the city's investments in recreation that have continuously given Kamloops a lift in bringing these events. 

"It's what we do in Kamloops and it's just amazes me every time," said Christian. "We pull together on these marquee events. $60 million that we've invested in facilities in this town get a real workout. The $1.6 million that the participants and their families and supporters dropped in Kamloops this weekend. Much-appreciated by our business community and that's how we get it paid back."

Now the 2018 B.C. Winter Games has passed, Remesz has some advice for the next Winter Games organizers in Fort St. John. 

"I met with Darren, who's the 2020 Fort St. John President and I just couldn't tell him enough about put the right people in place, build your team, trust your team, empower your team and let them lead as well. That's what each team did from our director and our chair," she said. "They just built out their team and brought in great volunteers, supported them, so that everyone could make good decisions and everyone had an opportunity to lead."

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