Conservative MP weighs in on B.C.-Alberta trade dispute

By Jill Sperling
February 18, 2018 - 1:54pm

KAMLOOPS — Conservative MP Dan Albas says the Prime Minister is letting down B.C. wineries by allowing Premier John Horgan to halt the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. 

Albas, who represents the riding of Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola, says small family wineries may lose their business if Alberta's ban on BC wine continues. 

"I know people that will lose their shirt, their family business if this continues," Albas said. "For some of the larger wineries they may be able to move to other jurisdictions and sell that product. But, I know small family wineries that have worked very hard to get the Alberta market, and if a restaurant can't get their wine they're just going to kick them off the wine list and get someone else from Ontario or whatnot." 

Albas says the B.C. wine industry is "being held hostage as part of a series of strategies for electoral votes." 

Albas adds people are losing faith that the pipeline expansion will move ahead, despite Trudeau's claims the project is in the national interest. 

"We have to remember that right now the current pipeline that's running through Trans Mountain is 60 years old," he said. "So, many people would rather see a new pipeline with extra environmental monitoring, extra protections, rather than to see the same fuel being trucked by trailers and by train." 

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